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Wills at Our Law Firm in Orlando, Florida

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Do You Need A Will?

Wills are not just for the wealthy. It doesn't matter how much money you have, a will gives direction to whatever personal belongings and assets you have so they will go to the family or the beneficiaries you designate. If you own a business, a will can help ensure the legal transition of those assets.

How Wills Affect Your Children

Besides distributing your property and personal belongings, if you have minor children, a will is a must. A will ensures that YOU get to choose your children's legal guardian should you die before your children are of legal adult age.

Appointing an Executor

With a will, you can also appoint an executor, the person which you trust to have the authority to carry out your wishes and to assure that your affairs are in order, including payment of bills, etc.


If you do not have a will, in many cases a court makes these decisions instead of you, through a long, and often difficult, process called probate. If you die unexpectedly without a will, you will inadvertently subject your family and loved ones to confusion and anxiety at a difficult time.
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There are many other benefits to having a will including tax benefits by helping to avoid estate taxes.